Like cucumbers into pickles, I transform images from the world that exists around us. As I walk backwards through memory to develop my universe, the experience becomes a swirling mediation of: colors, textures, lines, and forms. My painting process, of initially a wet-into-wet technique, merges forms and colors into evolving subject matter inspired by personal associations derived from the mechanical and natural worlds. The procedure of painting becomes cinematography. The resulting imagery often has a very specific and generic appearance at the same time. Being that the forms are purposefully enigmatic, they are subject to multiple interpretations. In exploring these highly personalized images, I believe that I touch a mystical chord that uncovers ideal forms embedded in my mind’s eye through the use of the material. The paintings acquire meaningful depth and breadth through tactile qualities, humor, unique appearance and technical facility. The outcome is work with an essentially abstract notion of beauty, and patinated in memory.   

Cavalieri -2005

Philadelphia Moon, 77 x 83”, oil on linen, 1999